Alexander Panin

Producer | Musician
Alexey Ledyaev's project "Oratorio-30" in 2019 was played in Riga, Latvia. Very powerful content that meets the challenges of our time. This is a message to the younger generation, politicians and religious organizations. It was great to be part of an organized, friendly and highly professional team, it is a great honor for me and my vocation.

Orchestral Scores

Arrangement For The Group

The original version of this song was written in the Western style when testing my hand-made hatroll guitar in 2014. This is one of the best tools I've ever come across.
Later, I made an arrangement for a rock band that sounded and was warmly received by the public in Belarus and Poland until 2019.
The electronic-style Remix was written in early 2020.

Small Promo from 7 Сountries (live)
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New Class

Reviews About Us
FvF_BY Production
Only by working with top-level professionals can you grow in your field. ⠀ Thanks to Alexander Panin for you and your incredible team for your involvement in projects such as "SKYFALL"
Vladimir Zenevitch
Professor of the Department Of the University of Arts
Alexander Panin is a great guitarist, whom I have known for a long time as an excellent musician, an artist with his own vision and understanding of art. It has excellent technique and impeccable taste. All those who are familiar with his work note the masterful possession of the instrument , the variety of methods of presentation of musical material, laconism, precision of strokes and subtlety of nuance. The V-Stars school will open the door to the world of music for young people and expand the horizons of understanding art. I recommend it !
Alexander Vislavski
Composer, pianist virtuoso, singer of the ensemble Pesnyary
"I am Impressed by Alexander Panin's masterful guitar playing . I can imagine how much work and effort it takes to achieve such mastery of performance and sound quality"